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23rd Aug 2016
Ghana Football Coaches Association relaunched

Coaches in the country have been urged to be united and to learn from other more experienced coac

Coaches in the country have been urged to be united and to learn from other more experienced coaches in order to push the profession forward.

The plea was made by a patron of the Ghana Football Coaches Association (GCFA), Coach Afranie, at the inauguration of the association.

A re-launch of the Association, which has been in existence since 2009 but has been dormant, according to Coach Oti Akenteng, a patron of the GCFA, was needed in order to make it more functional.

This, he said, will help the Association tackle some of the challenges that confront coaches in course of their work such as inappropriate treatments and undue dismissals.

The President of the Ghana Football Association, Mr Kwesi Nyantakyi, in his address expressed his excitement about the launch of the Association as according to him, coaching is an important pillar in the development of football that needs attention.

Mr Nyantakyi commended the initiative and said the membership of the Association will offer coaches the platform to learn.

He also urged all coaches to join the Association in order to enable them fight jointly for their interests. Mr Nyantakyi also promised the support of the GFA.

“We at the GFA will provide all that you need to make your association functional,” he said.

According to the Chairman of the Association, Professor J. K. Minta, out of the over 500 coaches in the country who are eligible to be members of the Association, 250 are already members. He however urged others to join the Association as doing so will project them globally.

To be a member, one is required to pay registration fee of GH 20 and annual dues of GH 100. Some of the benefits of membership to the Association include training and study opportunities, internship opportunities, and free legal counsel of an Association lawyer who will pursue the interests of coaches.