Article 6(3) and 6(4) of the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries states as follow: 

6(3).    Associations shall make publicly available at the end of March of every calendar year, for example on their official website, the names of all intermediaries they have registered as well as the single transactions in which they were involved. In addition, associations shall also publish the total amount of all remunerations or payments actually made to intermediaries by their registered players and by each of their affiliated clubs. The figures to be published are the consolidated total figure for all players and the individual clubs’ consolidated total figure.

6(4).    Associations may also make available to their registered players and affiliated clubs any information relating to transactions that have been found to be in breach of these provisions that is of relevance for the pertinent irregularities.

In accordance with the requirements of the two regulations stated above, the Ghana Football Association wishes to report to its member, players and all stakeholders as follows:

The Ghana Football Association, has since March, 2016 registered about fifteen (15) new intermediaries and renewed licenses of eight (8) intermediaries.

In order to improve and safeguard the integrity of the game of football, the Ghana Football Association now has a total of about twenty six (26) Intermediaries, certified to operate both domestically and on the international markets. These certified Intermediaries are natural and/or legal persons who have no link or not perceived to be football officials in line with paragraph eleven (11) of the Definitions of the FIFA Statutes.

As at 30th March, 2017, eighteen (18) of the Intermediaries certified by the Ghana Football Association had deposited contracts with players and clubs both locally and internationally at the Ghana Football Association Secretariat. It is worthy to note that there have been no controversies or disputes regarding these contracts.

No remunerations have been declared by any of the Intermediaries certified by the Ghana Football Association neither have any club or player declared to the Ghana Football Association that he had paid amounts to an Intermediary as a form of remuneration.

Annexure I below indicates the list of Intermediaries certified by the Ghana Football Association and their details which is also published on the official website of the Ghana Football Association – .

The Ghana Football Association has also set up a Three Member Committee to draw up the Ghana Football Association Regulations on Working with Intermediaries in line with Articles 1(2) and 1(3) of the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries for consideration and possible approval at the next Ordinary Congress of the Ghana Football Association.


Dated – March 2017

Ghana Football Association